We  have the perfect job for you !*

You're a student and need a job with flexible hours ?

You're a go-ahead, sporty person and like being outdoors ?

You care about environmental issues and wish to do your part to protect our earth ?

You work part-time and are looking for an extra paycheck ?

You're a bike lover and want to work with people who share your passion ?

If your city is not in the form, or if you wish to bring the green Happymoov concept in your country, start your own adventure by opening a Happymoov concession !

* good french skills are needed

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One head office in Lille, 14 concessions, and we keep growing ! So why does our company attract so many entrepreneurs ? To find out, learn about our franchised partners: their story, their motivations, their ideals.


I started in 2012 as a Happyrider, the first one in Nice when Happymoov came to the city. I proved my worth, and was therefore given responsibility quite fast. It helped me develop my entrepreneurial spirit and my managerial skills.

I've also been working in business development for about a year now, which brings me a great versatility and autonomy.

Adrien Martinat
Happymoov Nice

I started to work at Happymoov because it had become crucial for me to be in tune with my values and what's really important to me :

  1. protect the environment

  2.  make myself useful to people

And all that, while doing sport and taking in the gorgeous landscapes of the Alps ! Could it be any better ?

And why Happymoov ?

Because it's the only company where I felt like the human factor was more important than business and money.

Laurence Caron
Happymoov Annecy

After completing a legal expert training, I decided to change direction and to work in the tourism area. After being a tour guide in a cycle touring company, I discovered Happymoov and was struck by the uniqueness of the concept.

The originality of the display medium combined with an eco-friendly cause incited me to contact the company.


The dynamism of the team as well as great prospects for the future of the business convinced me to join the adventure.

Jérémie Cordier
Happymoov Rennes

I originally come from the world of logistics.

I joined Happymoov in September 2009, which makes me one of the founding members !

What I enjoy the most in my job is organizing street-marketing operations.

I remember some of my best street-marketing operations : for Orange in Le Havre, EFS in Auxerre, MALAKOFF MEDERIC in Strasbourg, and C&A in Paris.

Alain Renaudin
Happymoov Reims

Want to start your own adventure ? Get in touch : reseau@happymoov.com